Lake Orta as a symbol of green and sustainable tourism

CAM00112The creative director of Greenpeace Martin Atkin thinks that it would be strategic for the promotion of Lake Orta, to organize an important event that would envolve politicians, scientists, artists and cultural celebrities. In this way Lake Orta could become known as the symbol of  green and sustainable tourism, within the events of “Expo 2015”. This is what it has been explained  yesterday in a convention in San Maurizio d’Opaglio.
Atkin draw the attention to the fact that thirty years ago Lake Orta was a sort of “dead basin”, destroyed by ammonia and heavy metals that industries discharged into the lake waters for years.
After a purification process called “liming” conducted by the research center CNR IRSA  of Verbania Pallanza, the waters of Cusio are now living a  new life.
ORTA RELOADED is  the new brand to promote the environmental and natural peculiarities of the lake.
Our region can become the capital of green tourism!

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A new page

ImmagineI added a new page, the citizen’s point of view. My aim is to give voice to those, men and women, who love their town and want definitely  to help it to change its economy in tourism. I will search in the net, in you tube, everywhere pictures and videos talking about Omegna. If you’ve got some, please send me I will share!

Omegna Lake Orta

Omegna, the birthplace of worldwide known industries of household items like Alessi, Bialetti, Lagostina, Ruffoni,  has been for many years the main centre for production of pots and small home appliances in Italy, today  the town represents the cultural reference point of the whole territory and is slowly converting its economy into tourism. The Lake of Orta is situated at west of Lake Maggiore.

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Contrary to what happens to many of the alpine lakes, which have the effluent to the south, the waters of Lake of Orta, are crossing Omegna and going out to the north,  giving life to the Nigoglia stream, which then flows into the Strona and across the river Toce, in the Lake Maggiore. Cusio, so it is called the area of the Lake of Orta, is a fascinating land rich in nature, art and culture. The gem of lake is Orta San Giulio, at about 11 kmts from Omegna, a small village rich in medieval architecture with its tight and suggestive alleys. On the Island of St. Giulio, according to legend, Giulio defeated at the end of fourth century, dragons and snakes. Founded in 1844, the old Seminary is today an abbey that accommodates a community of Benedictine nuns. The island is dominated by the Basilica of San Giulio, commissioned by the Saint in the IV Century where you can admire the wall paintings that reproduce images of Saints and paintings realized by the apprentices of the painter Gaudenzio Ferrari.( open to visitors everyday from 9.30 to 12.15 and from 14.00 to 18.00 (Info: Tel. +39 0322 905614). A Public boats service is running on Lake Orta ( from Omegna to Orta San Giulio and to the main villages of the area. Another public boat service ( will take you to the Island from Orta.