Saint George and the dragon

The majority of Dragon legends seem to have originated in Great Britain where several species of dragons were said to dwell.
Saint George grew up in Cappadocia (Eastern Turkey today) and became a soldier of the Roman Army. When traveling in Silene, Libya he found a princess bound to a stake as sacrifice to a dragon. Farmers in the area had been trying to appease the dragon by feeding it sheep but they had run out of sheep. The King of Silene had decreed to sacrifice one child a day to appease the beast. The morning Saint George arrived, was the morning the king was forced to sacrifice his own daughter, Princess Sabra.

dragoisolaLake Orta is strictly linked to dragons legends: the Island of St. Giulio was dominated by a big dragon that destroyed everything. When St. Giulio, that had the power to command over the waves, the storms, the wild animals and the human beings, arrived near the lake , waving his hand he chased away the dangerous menacing animal.
He reached the Island journeying over the water on his cloack guided by his staff.
The dragon disappeared and St. Giulio, tired and near to his death, thought that the island was the right place to build his hundredth and last church dedicated to the Holy Apostles.

(Ph. Città di
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